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Original scientific paper
UDC: 551.2:624.153.7(497.6)
DOI: 10.7251/afts.2014.0610.001B
COBISS.RS-ID: 4224280




Babajić Elvir1, Salkić Zehra1, Babajić Alisa1, Stević Milan1, Jovović Miodrag2

1Faculty of mining, geology and civil engineering Tuzla, E.mail: Ova adresa el. pošte zaštićena je od spam napada, treba omogućiti JavaSkript da biste je videli    

2Geominis, Beograd


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Qualitative characteristics of bauxite deposit „Oštrelj“ are defined through extensive laboratory testing of chemical and mineralogical-petrographic composition, and geomechanical characteristics. Chemical composition has shown that it is a relative poor bauxite with low Al/Si module (2,28). Low values of Al/Si module are result of lower Al      2O3 concentration (48 %), and higher SiO2 concentration (21 %), what these bauxites define as high silicic or »acidic«. Identified are increased concentrations of larger number of analyzed trace elements (B, Co, Cr, Li, Mn, Ni, Sn, V, Zn) comparing to the medium content in the Earth's crust. Mineralogical composition, structure and texture are uniform.

Holders of Al mineralization are bemite and diaspor (to a lesser extent) as crypto-crystalline phases of rock matrix. Lower Cretaceous age (K1) of roof layers over bauxite deposit is paleontologicaly documented,  while in the bauxite any fossils are not registrated. Values of geomechanical  paramers of layers under and over bauxite is uniform. In bauxite value of compressive strength is increased, which is equivalent to chemical and mineralogical composition, and structural and textural characteristics of tested bauxite samples.

Key words: chemical composition, mineralogical-petrographic composition, geomechanical parameters, bauxites, Oštrelj




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