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Original scientific paper
UDC: 621.311:631.67(282.24 Sava)
DOI: 10.7251/afts.2015.0713.059P
COBISS.RS-ID 5440280

ABSTRACT  Full text (pdf)

Levels of physicochemical parameters (pH, electrical conductivity, sulphates, chlorides, temperature, turbidity, total hardness, iron, manganese, copper,dissolved oxygen, oxygen saturation, total suspended solid, ammonium nitrogen, total nitrogen and orthophosphates ) were determined in the water samples collected from Pek River at 4 sample sites during 6 months. Monitoring was done at the source of river, on the border between the municipalities Majdanpek and Kučevo, on the border between the municipalities Kučevo and Veliko Gradište and at the confluence of Pek into Danube River. Some of the physicochemical parameter values fall within national standard and WHO limits, some are not.
Key words:Pek River, physicochemical parameters, water quality



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