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Review paper
UDC: 556.55: 627.17(497.6)  
DOI: 10.7251/afts.2016.0815.023S
COBISS.RS-ID 6175256
Suljić Nedim1, Hrnjadović Jasmin1
1University of Tuzla, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering, Bosnia and Herzegovina, e. mail, Ova adresa el. pošte zaštićena je od spam napada, treba omogućiti JavaSkript da biste je videli  

SUMMARY  Full text (pdf)

Modrac hydroaccumulation is the largest and most important multi-purpose water resource for water supply to large industrial capacities of importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also for public water supply of Tuzla and Lukavac. Since the water quality of the hydroaccumulation is threatened by the waste water of a large number of different pollutants in the basin area of 1.189 km², and that the useful volume of hydroaccumulation is limited, then during the time it comes to the filling of the hydroaccumulation dominated by coal dust from coal mines in the basin reservoirs. It must be ensured that good quality water is supplied to consumers, especially households and industries, while ensuring hydrobiological minimum dilution of waste water discharged into the river Spreča downstream from dam and reservoir Lukavac.

Key words: hydroaccumulation, dam, sediment, useful volume




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