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Original scientific paper
UDC: 66.018.9:666.32+66.081:67.017
DOI: 10.7251/afts.2017.0916.065D
COBISS.RS-ID 6440472
Pecelj R. Milovan1, Lukić Milica1, PeceljMilica1, Đurić Dijana1
1University of Belgrade-Faculty of Geography, Serbia, e.mail.

ABSTRACT  Full text (pdf)

The subjects of research are Novi Sad, its immediate surroundings and the bioclimatic conditions prevailing in the given area. As Novi Sad is the administrative, cultural, educational, commercial, economic, health, social and historical center of Vojvodina it has a number of tourist potentials that are conducive to the development of various forms of tourism. The authors want to contribute with this paper to the affirmation of bioclimatic analysis and research using the Menex model in the field of geo-ecological evaluation of the urban landscape for the development and improvement of tourism and    recreation as representative city functions. It is necessary to assess with what intensity and howbioclimatic conditions affect health or the psycho-physical state of a man in order to develop climatotherapy, recreation and certain forms of tourism. By applying the Menex model we can obtain an objective perception and data about real bioclimatic impact on the territory of Novi Sad and its surroundings. These can then be used for planning and management of urban areas and development of urban functions. During the research we used the daily meteorological data from 2015 by which thermo bioclimatic indices have been determined: Physiological Subjective Temperature (PST), Heat Load (HL) and Physiological Strain (PhS).
Key words: bentonite, composite, structural properties, adsorption.


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