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Founder of the Archives for Technical Sciences is the Technical Institute Ltd., science-research institute, year 2009. At the beginning it was a collection of research papers of Technical Institute and of prominent experts and scientific researchers from the former Yugoslavia. Eventually the scope of work grew and today it publishes papers from different countries around the world.

Archives for Technical Sciences publishes papers in the field of technical sciences and other disciplines related to the field of technical sciences.

The editorial board consists of important scientists from surrounding countries, Europe and the world.

Papers in the Archives for Technical Sciences are published and printed if written according to Instructions for papers. All papers need to be reviewed by two reviewers. The paper review needs to be conducted according to the Guidelines for reviewers, and the Review Report has to be fulfilled.

Archives for Technical Sciences is published twice a year. All of the papers are printed and presented in whole at www.arhivzatehnickenauke.com.


Acad. prof. Ph.D. Neđo Đurić

Editor-in-Chief of the

„Archives for Technical Sciences“