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31.05.2019. Original scientific article Construction

Тhe mining industry in the 21st century needs fundamental changes in both technical and management technology, because many unresolved mining issues lead to building a structured and directly applicable management model that would be managing tool by the mine production system.The aim of this paper is to define a model for the management of discont...

By Vladimir Malbašić, Dimšo Milošević, Čelebić Miodrag

The iron ore of the Ljubija ore region for decades has a very great impact on the overall social reproduction in the area of the city of Prijedor, RS, BiH, which is clearly connected with the constant renewal and intensification of the production process. We have systematic geological explorations last over 135 years and exploitation with certain i...

By Ranko Cvijić, Aleksej Milošević, Miodrag Čelebić, Žarko Kovačević

Ljubija mining area is built of more formations that belong to the Carboniferous, Permian, Triassic and Cenozoic. From all of these, only two are metalliferous to iron: Javorik formation with olistostrome member and Neogene-Quaternary of Prijedor basin. The first includes primary siderite and ankerite partially limonitised ore and in the second onl...

By Aleksandar Grubić, Ranko Cvijić, Aleksej Milošević, Miodrag Čelebić

In the modern mining, best efficient organization by obtaining solid minerals, is getting with explosives utilization for blasting, with the growth of significance in the exploitation of mineral resources in the open pit mines with large capacities. In this paper technological stages of drilling and blasting, that are demanding from the technologic...

By Vladimir Malbašić, Žarko Kovačević, Miodrag Čelebić, Jovana Crnogorac

Using of explosives in modern mining is very important for the good, efficient and rational organization for obtaining of solid minerals, especially in the exploitation of mineral resources on mines with large capacities. Technological phases of drilling and blasting in the exploitation process are very important in this case, and the analysis in t...

By Žarko Kovačević, Miodrag Čelebić, Dražena Tošić