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Total number of nineteen mafic extrusive rock samples is subjected to the detailed optical examination. Based on definition of mineral composition, structure, texture, type and intensity of alteration processes, and taking into consideration the recent classification schemes, different lithotypes are defined. The most frequent are spilites distingu...

By Alisa Babajić, Elvir Babajić, Danica Srećković-Batoćanin, Milovanović Dragan

Research on potentially toxic elements chromium and nickel and laboratory testing of their concentrations was carried out in the wider area of Maglaj, with the aim to detect and determine their quantities, which gave basis for discussion about origins of these pollutants in soil. Field and laboratory observations included 45 soil samples, taken by ...

By Elvir Babajić, Alisa Babajić, Željka Stjepić Srkalović, Dado Srkalović, Samir Ustalić, Husnija Akmadžić

01.12.2017. Original scientific article Geology

The paper presents the results of the geochemical-pedological researches based on the lead concentrations in soil of the Tuzla's urban area. The main goal of the research was to determine to what extent, the urban area of Tuzla was contaminated by lead and to determine the pollutant origin. The 129 soil samples were collected in situ on the of area...

By Željka Stjepić Srkalović, Dado Srkalović, Elvir Babajić, Senad Gutić, Alisa Babajić

The railway Šamac - Sarajevo was built in the fifties of the twentieth century, as a significant part of the railway that connects the central part of the former Yugoslavia with the Sava River. Later, in the seventies another track of Doboj and Zenica was built what was the most important by that time. In general the railway is situated on the corr...

By Neđo Đurić, Alisa Babajić, Dijana Đurić, Dado Srkalović, Milan Perišić

Qualitative characteristics of bauxite deposit „Oštrelj“ are defined through extensive laboratory testing of chemical and mineralogical-petrographic composition, and geomechanical characteristics. Chemical composition has shown that it is a relative poor bauxite with low Al/Si module (2,28). Low values of Al/Si module are result of lower Al2O3 conc...

By Elvir Babajić, Zehra Salkić, Alisa Babajić, Milan Stević, Miodrag Jovović

01.12.2014. Original scientific article Geology

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tertiary volcanic rocks occur within two geotectonically different areas: (1) in northeastern Bosnia, the wider area of Srebrenica and, (2) to a lesser extent in central Bosnia, the wider areas of Maglaj, Teslić and Nemila (Kolići). The major and trace element variations in the rocks surrounding Maglaj indicate their high...

By Zehra Salkić, Elvir Babajić, Alisa Babajić, Vedran Pobrić, Aldin Bešić