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Within the project task for the road M-17,3 Buna-Neum, section Neum-Stolac, several variants have been considered and the section has been divided into several sub-sections. The sub-section Stari NeumKiševo in the length of cca 3 km has already been built, as well as the sub-section of Kiševo-Bročanac, with length cca 8,5 km. Within the sub-section...

By Mevlida Operta, Suada Pamuk

Bosnia and Herzegovina is characterized by heterogeneous geological structure, and a high degree of tectonic and the seismic activity as well as various relief and the climatic characteristics and water flows of different gradients. All this reflected on engineering-geological characteristics of the terrain.The main causes of landslides' activation...

By Mevlida Operta, Jelena Golijanin, Amra Ćatović