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The research and determination of diatoms (Bacillariophyta) have been carried out in the area of Semberija (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in several locations, which included 35 open shadoof wells incurred by the anthropogenic activity many decades ago, and they represent artificial fresh water ecosystems. The algological material has been collected from...

By Milenko Ćurčić, Dragica Milinković, Olivera Petrović-Tomanić, Dijana Đurić

The research of the Gromiželj wetland flora as a special nature reserve includes the diversities of algae, lichens, mosses, ferns and seedlings. The Gromiželj wetland represents a lowland peat with the total area of 831 ha where 67.39 ha have the first degree protection and 763.61 ha the second degree protection. A special geomorphological structur...

By Milenko Ćurčić, Mihajlo Stanković, Dragica Milinković, Olivera Petrović-Tomanić