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The control factors of mineralization in the Ljubija ore region are stratigraphic, lithological, magmatogenic, structural-tectonic and hypergenic. The distribution of iron ores in the Ljubija ore region is primarily controlled by the spread of the Olistostrome member of the Carboniferous Javorik flysch formation. Only that member, whether uncovered...

By Aleksej Milošević, Aleksandar Grubić, Ranko Cvijić, Miodrag Čelebić, Boško Vuković

Coal resources, beside oil, gas and uranium as nonrenewable source of energy, represent the most significant part of energy potential of Republic of Srpska and energy source of strategic importance.Modern pace of technological and industrial development conditions constant increase of coal exploitation and consumption. Usage of this resource must b...

By Boško Vuković

During the working of thermal power plants, due to technological process of coal combustion, waste matter, which takes up large areas of land, degrades and pollutes the environment, is created. In the last years, a significant progress has been made in the world in researching new technologies that implement technogenic materials which have wide ra...

By Ljiljana Crnogorac, Boško Vuković