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The control factors of mineralization in the Ljubija ore region are stratigraphic, lithological, magmatogenic, structural-tectonic and hypergenic. The distribution of iron ores in the Ljubija ore region is primarily controlled by the spread of the Olistostrome member of the Carboniferous Javorik flysch formation. Only that member, whether uncovered...

By Aleksej Milošević, Aleksandar Grubić, Ranko Cvijić, Miodrag Čelebić, Boško Vuković

The iron ore of the Ljubija ore region for decades has a very great impact on the overall social reproduction in the area of the city of Prijedor, RS, BiH, which is clearly connected with the constant renewal and intensification of the production process. We have systematic geological explorations last over 135 years and exploitation with certain i...

By Ranko Cvijić, Aleksej Milošević, Miodrag Čelebić, Žarko Kovačević