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More than 60 years ago, six countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the    Netherlands) have established a Coal and Steel Community and have reached an agreement that with creating a unified market for coal and steel, they will attain common prosperity, by developing national and economic interests of these countries. T...

By Saša Stamenkovic, Svetlana Stevovic, Milan Stamatovic

01.06.2019. Original scientific article Environment

The study presents results of the measurements of the atmospheric nitrogen dioxide concentration and simultaneous meteorological variables: average temperature, air pressure, and relative humidity, speed and wind direction. The data were collected from July 2015 to June 2017 at stations located in Banja Luka (locality Centre). Nitrogen dioxide is o...

By Predrag Ilić, Zoran Popović, Suzana Gotovac-Atlagić

Air quality measurement was conducted in the vicinity of the industrial plot that belongs to RS Silicon LLC Mrkonjić Grad where a plant for the production of the silicon metal is constructed, during the period January – December 2015; this air quality measurement comprised the immissions concentrations of CO, SO2, NO2 and total suspended particles ...

By Dušica Pešević, Nebojša Knežević

Doped ceramics materials structure can be controlled using different synergetic effects as well as consolidation parameters. Additives concentration influence on ceramics microstructure and dielectric properties, based on fractal geometry, is analyzed. These properties level control level is very important in advanced materials prognosis. The Coble...

By V. Vojislav Mitić, Ljubiša Kocić, Vesna Paunović, Filip Bastić