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Efficiency of trigonometric levelling method for height differences determination is better than those determined by geometric levelling but its accuracy is significantly lower. Development of accuracy of geodetic instruments increases possibilities for improvement accuracy of trigonometric levelling.However, air refraction appears as ultimate limi...

By Milan Trifković, Žarko Nestorović

In this study, for the purpose of determining the quality of a digital cadastral plan lines, we made production of digital lines plan, vectoring, and the diameter of the original data and maintaining the diameter of the five types of lines. Since digital utility cadastre plan is the basis for making part of the database of the cadastre lines, but t...

By Goran Marinković, Jelena Lazić, Zoran Ilić

During the past two decades, rapid advances in information technology have improved the accuracy and capabilities of optimization techniques. Unfortunately, great number of optimization methods in civil engineering has not found implementation in practice, mainly because the problems were treated only from mathematical point of view, disregarding a...

By Aleksandar Milajić, Goran Pejičić, Dejan Beljaković