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In the rock salt deposit "Tetima" by analysis of situation and pore (layers) pressures and fracturing pressures development it has been proved that the values of pore and fracturing pressures are quite low (in the part of deposit which is currently exploited) and on the border of use salt water such as fluid for canal rinse in some drilling interva...

By Sanel Nuhanović, Adnan Hodžić, Almir Šabović

01.06.2014. Original scientific article Mining

Cemented boreholes annulus its stability achieved tightness must be maintained in the continuation phase of drilling, is that in the process of drilling, cementing, production. Preserving stability in the working life of the wells threatened and technological stage of the production process due to the natural development of conditioned stress-laden...

By Zvonimir Bošković, Vladimir Čebašek

The paper presents the potential areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) for injecting CO2 into underground geological formations by boreholes. Areas are determined based on the geological structure of Bosnia ana Herzegovina, and development of Miocene formations which are the most prevalent in the northern and northeastern parts of the country, in t...

By Almir Šabović, Jasmin Isabegović, Zvjezdan Karadžin, Edin Delić