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This paper presents the results of detailed geological investigations of the Middle Triassic dolomite deposit of Nikolin Potok, which is located west of Bugojno. Based on the established borders of surface distribution and research results, geological reserves of about 4.6 million m3 have been determined in the wider area of the deposit. The dolomi...

By Dževad Forčaković, Rejhana Dervišević

Mineral resources as natural resources constitute the backbone of the development of the national economy of each country, and their valorization should be classified into its strategic development plans. Polyvalent industrial branches of the economy today are unthinkable without adequate supply of raw materials, analysis of raw material base, thei...

By Damir Baraković

01.06.2015. Original scientific article Geotechnics

Jablanica gabbro represents the highest quality architectural building stone in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Knowledge of the physical and mechanical characteristics of gabbro is an important prerequisite for the proper usage of this rock material. This paper presents a brief review of the geological characteristics Jablanica gabbro deposit, with distin...

By Kenan Mandžić, Adnan Ibrahimović

Curent situation of raw material base and study of limestone like construction stone deposits in the Republic of Serbian were relatively poorly considered during the last decades, and the main problems are the following: low production capacity,fragmentation of production, needs for raw materials homogenization and delivering of standard quality, u...

By Slobodan Majstorović, Vladimir Malbašić