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01.06.2023. Original scientific article Construction

The effects of corruption in urban development and urban affairs management in several south Asian countries are examined through a series of specific, distinctive, and provocative cases for which the data is more readily available. The stories and themes provide a starting point for analyzing corruption as a symptom and factor of underdevelopment,...

By Yanan Fan, Mohammad Heydari, Mahdiye Saeidi, Kin Keung Lai, Jiahui Yang, Xinyu Cai, Ying Chen

Vehicle classification is a crucial task owing to vehicles' diverse and intricate features, such as edges, colors, shadows, corners, and textures. The accurate classification of vehicles enables their detection and identification on roads and facilitates the development of an electronic tollcollection system for smart cities. Furthermore, vehicle ...

By Janak Trivedi, Mandalapu Sarada Devi, Brijesh Solanki

The management of air quality at landfills has, among other things, the objective of controlling of waste management efficiency at the landfill. Modern landfills, although built in accordance with domestic and European regulations, affect the quality of the air in the areawherethey are located. The challenges faced by sanitary landfills are the saf...

By Danijela Knežević, Nebojša Knežević