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The efficiency of wastewater treatment is not only measured by the quality of treated wastewater, but also by the efficiency of treatment and permanent disposal of sludge that is separated. In addition to harmless, the sludge also contains hazardous substances that are released from wastewater during treatment. This work aims to obtain a neutral an...

By Zoranka Malešević, Milica Đeković-Šević, Mirjana Jovović

The paper is based on 237 chemical analysis of groundwater, where the determination of magnesium origin in groundwatersof northeastern Bosnia were performed. The determination of magnesium origin in groundwaterswere carried through on the basis of Mandel & Shiftan classification. Based on the a distribution map of Mg2+ ions in groundwaters in n...

By Dado Srkalović

Levels of physicochemical parameters (pH, electrical conductivity, sulphates, chlorides, temperature, turbidity, total hardness, iron, manganese, copper, dissolved oxygen, oxygen saturation, total suspended solid, ammonium nitrogen, total nitrogen and orthophosphates ) were determined in the water samples collected from Pek River at 4 sample sites ...

By V. Nada Petrović, P. Dejan Marković