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The issues addressed in this paper are dedicated to the balancing and analysis of coal reserves for the system of underground exploitation in the Republic of Serbia, both in active mines – deposits and in prospective deposits for activation in terms of production. The basic message emphasizes the importance of coal as the leading domestic ene...

By Zorica Ivković, Dražana Tošić, Dejan Dramlić

This paper presents the results of the calculation of coal reserves obtained by classical method (calculation method of geological blocks), which were compared with the results obtained by the calculation using software. Since this area was explored for long period of time and elaborates were done in past, we came to an idea to compare results from...

By Nermin Taletović, Dean Osmanović, Jasmin Isabegović

In this article are presented the procedures and the results of open pit optimal contour "Delici" choice near Ugljevik, Republic of Srpska. By using of LG 3D algorithm for optimization in the Whittle FourXTM is determined a series of open pit shales based on the various income factors (Revenue factor) with iteration of 0.03 of change in coal prices...

By B. Lazar Stojanovic, J. Petar Tomic, Z. Mladen Stevic