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The physical and mechanical characteristics of coal seams, immediate floor and roof significantly influence to the choice of systems (the methods and technologies) of coal underground exploitation, and in this paper, their grouping and sorting by importance for the conditions of active underground mines in Serbia was carried out. The research is ba...

By Jelena Trivan, Dražena Tošić, Vladimir Todorović

In paper is given overview on geotechnical characteristics of the terrain on location of a bridge number 3, on highway Tarcin – Konjic. Complexity of geological structure, in near surface where it consists from sediments of weathering crust to depth of around 30,0 m, as well as in substrate that consists of sediments of clayey debris, determined th...

By Zlatan Talić, Edis Softić, Nerma Duraković, Dino Čustović

01.12.2017. Original scientific article Environment

Urban areas are formed aiming to satisfy multiple expectations of their citizens. Among the most significant expectations are resources availability, related to existential needs, efficiency in communication and satisfaction of other contemporary civilization and cultural needs. However, pursuance to create conditions for those needs satisfaction n...

By Svetlana Stevović, Slađana Mirjanić, Neđo Đurić

Reconstruction of share in an existing corridor of Terminal Brod to the Croatian border on the Sava River is part of the corridor, which continues to go across the river to Slavonski Brod. The existing corridor will be replaced on a part of Sava River, where is planned a production of a tunnel with two vertical shafts on the banks of the river. Res...

By Neđo Đurić, Petar Mitrović