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Sizing the production capacity of underground coal mines is an extremely complex task with a number of specifics that must be taken into account when designing the mines. The main factors are the specific natural-geological conditions of the deposit, which determine the application of an adequate excavation system followed by organizational factors...

By Vladimir Todorović, Dražana Tošić, Jelena Trivan

This work's searching subject are Banovici's local roads which represent mutually dependent municipality or town traffic system that is connected to regional or motorway road system, and uncategorized roads which represent every traffic area that is not categorized as public road.Also it gives a view of local and uncategorized roads but those that ...

By Zahid Bašić

Implementation of major construction projects thanks are due to the technological development of materials and equipment to perform. Development of equipment for piles, allowed this type of structure a large application, as in the system of basic structural elements, as well as providing (temporary or permanent) construction site. Influences on the...

By Svjetlana Vlaški