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Base isolation systems are among the most successful and widely applied methods of mitigating structural vibration and damage during seismic events. These systems have been installed in numerous full-scale structures all around. There are three principal types of base isolators: Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB), High Damping Rubber Bearing (HDRB), and Fri...

By Barghlame Hadi, Hojjat Hashempour Gavgani

Bosnia and Herzegovina is characterized by heterogeneous geological structure, and a high degree of tectonic and the seismic activity as well as various relief and the climatic characteristics and water flows of different gradients. All this reflected on engineering-geological characteristics of the terrain.The main causes of landslides' activation...

By Mevlida Operta, Jelena Golijanin, Amra Ćatović

Earthquakes are one of the biggest hazards of humanity. Even today it is not possible to predict the exact magnitude, location and time of an earthquake, but, nevertheless, modern seismology and science are able to point to the potential danger and risk of earthquake-like movements in an area, at one time. Some of the signs that announce the earthq...

By Uzeir Spona