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The issues addressed in this paper are dedicated to the balancing and analysis of coal reserves for the system of underground exploitation in the Republic of Serbia, both in active mines – deposits and in prospective deposits for activation in terms of production. The basic message emphasizes the importance of coal as the leading domestic ene...

By Zorica Ivković, Dražana Tošić, Dejan Dramlić

The strategy for developing and improving the application of green, clean, renewable and gratis solar energy is a challenge for multidisciplinary teams of scientists. Exquisite examples of positive world practice of the largest solar power plants are presented in this paper, with all the characteristics, starting from the materials of photovoltaic ...

By S. Ivan Stevović

Coal resources, beside oil, gas and uranium as nonrenewable source of energy, represent the most significant part of energy potential of Republic of Srpska and energy source of strategic importance.Modern pace of technological and industrial development conditions constant increase of coal exploitation and consumption. Usage of this resource must b...

By Boško Vuković