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The control factors of mineralization in the Ljubija ore region are stratigraphic, lithological, magmatogenic, structural-tectonic and hypergenic. The distribution of iron ores in the Ljubija ore region is primarily controlled by the spread of the Olistostrome member of the Carboniferous Javorik flysch formation. Only that member, whether uncovered...

By Aleksej Milošević, Aleksandar Grubić, Ranko Cvijić, Miodrag Čelebić, Boško Vuković

Magmatic rocks of post-Late Eocene magmatic formation are widespread in the Sava segment of SavaVardar suture zone and adjoin areas. The rocks formed as a response to transpressional-transtensional tectonic activity preceded by the Cretaceous-Eocene compression of the Internal Dinarides and Tisia Unit as fragments of Eurasian continental lithospher...

By Zehra Salkić, Boško Lugović, Elvir Babajić

Postorogenic volcanic rocks of different Tertiary ages are very common in the Sava-Vardar Zone of the Dinarides and in the southeastern part of adjoing Pannonian Basin. South of the Sava-Vardar Zone, in central Bosnia, Tertiary volcanic rocks occur within ophiolite sequences and genetically related sedimentary formations of the Dinaride Ophiolite Z...

By Zehra Salkić, Boško Lugović, Elvir Babajić

Research on potentially toxic elements chromium and nickel and laboratory testing of their concentrations was carried out in the wider area of Maglaj, with the aim to detect and determine their quantities, which gave basis for discussion about origins of these pollutants in soil. Field and laboratory observations included 45 soil samples, taken by ...

By Elvir Babajić, Alisa Babajić, Željka Stjepić Srkalović, Dado Srkalović, Samir Ustalić, Husnija Akmadžić

01.12.2014. Original scientific article Geology

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tertiary volcanic rocks occur within two geotectonically different areas: (1) in northeastern Bosnia, the wider area of Srebrenica and, (2) to a lesser extent in central Bosnia, the wider areas of Maglaj, Teslić and Nemila (Kolići). The major and trace element variations in the rocks surrounding Maglaj indicate their high...

By Zehra Salkić, Elvir Babajić, Alisa Babajić, Vedran Pobrić, Aldin Bešić