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This paper presents the results of detailed geological investigations of the Middle Triassic dolomite deposit of Nikolin Potok, which is located west of Bugojno. Based on the established borders of surface distribution and research results, geological reserves of about 4.6 million m3 have been determined in the wider area of the deposit. The dolomi...

By Dževad Forčaković, Rejhana Dervišević

The Strategy for the management and utilization of mineral resources of the Republic Srpska includes inevitably the mineral resource base as an essential element of material and social development, and it is one of the significant reliance forms on its own suorces in achieving economic development. In this sense, geological exploration, like an imp...

By Ranko Cvijić, Aleksej Milošević

The iron ore of the Ljubija ore region for decades has a very great impact on the overall social reproduction in the area of the city of Prijedor, RS, BiH, which is clearly connected with the constant renewal and intensification of the production process. We have systematic geological explorations last over 135 years and exploitation with certain i...

By Ranko Cvijić, Aleksej Milošević, Miodrag Čelebić, Žarko Kovačević