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Currently, the development of the country's economy is characterized by the trend of globalization, which is constantly developing, modernizing, acquiring new forms and features, which ultimately radically changed the way of the world economy. The task was set to analyze and propose options for improving the investment attractiveness and efficiency...

By Semen Podvalny, Iana Zolotukhina, Olga Sotnikova, Ekaterina Prokshits

01.12.2020. Original scientific article Environment

Natural and landscape complex of Pale municipality, where dominates mountainous areas, are characterized by diversity of geological and geomorphological phenomena and forms, as well as biological and ecosystem diversity. The significance of natural heritage is multiple, especially in terms of tourism and adapting the tourist offer to the needs and ...

By Jelena Golijanin, Sanda Šušnjar, Rade Ivanović

Efficiency of trigonometric levelling method for height differences determination is better than those determined by geometric levelling but its accuracy is significantly lower. Development of accuracy of geodetic instruments increases possibilities for improvement accuracy of trigonometric levelling.However, air refraction appears as ultimate limi...

By Milan Trifković, Žarko Nestorović

Railway route from entity border to Maglaj is on corridor V of railways that connects Adriatic sea with European Union countries. More precisely, it is on the railway Samac – Sarajevo that was built during the fifties. From Doboj to Zenica exist two tracks, one built in 1947. and the other thirty years later. In time, the railway worn out, si...

By Neđo Đurić

01.12.2017. Preliminary report Construction

Earth construction has long tradition in our civilization with wide distribution in various ways and techniques of application. When combined with other natural materials it is the material for construction of comfortable space for people. Increased need for energy efficient houses actualizes this type of construction in modern conditions as a holi...

By Ivan Hegediš, Golub Karaman, Arpad Čeh, Neđo Đurić, Danijel Kukaras, Danilo Vunjak

01.12.2017. Original scientific article Environment

Urban areas are formed aiming to satisfy multiple expectations of their citizens. Among the most significant expectations are resources availability, related to existential needs, efficiency in communication and satisfaction of other contemporary civilization and cultural needs. However, pursuance to create conditions for those needs satisfaction n...

By Svetlana Stevović, Slađana Mirjanić, Neđo Đurić

Improvement of the quality of the route is necessary because of its importance in connecting countries of the Western Balkans to central and western Europe. This is the worst section of the road from Albania via Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the corridor Vc, which passes through the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The route of th...

By Neđo Đurić, Andja Djujic

Development of mining of firm minerals technological systems is the constantly and multifactorial process having for an object to intensify mining in various mining and geological conditions of the person and the nature safety growing requirements. It is directed on improvement of the interconnected things of the technical and technological support...

By A. Viktor Atrushkevich, A. Oleg Atrushkevich, Kemal Gutić