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Novi Sad and its surroundings are rich with the most diverse natural values that are good for the development of health tourism and recreation activities on their territory. Being in nature, next to water surfaces, forests and all green favorably affects on psycho – physical condition and improves life quality in urban environments. Aim of this wor...

By R. Milovan Pecelj, Milica Lukić, Milica Pecelj, Danijela Srnić, Dijana Đurić

With this work we want to affirm geoecological evaluation, planning and landscape management. Geoecological evaluation of the Belgrade region, for the purpose of rest and recreation, was performed with quantitative method of diversity (V-Wert Methode) of Hans Kiemstedt. The method is suitable for the determination of potential locations suitable fo...

By R. Milovan Pecelj, Nemanja Vagić, Milica Pecelj, Dijana Đurić