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31.05.2019. Original scientific article Geotechnics

Stone “Tenelija” is categorized as oolitic limestone. This stone was used to build a number of constructions in Herzegovina, and one of the most famous is the “Old Bridge” in Mostar. The stone is characterized by its specific physical and mechanical characteristics. Stone “Tenelija” has low uniaxial compression strength, low modulus of elasticity, ...

By Kenan Mandžić, Adnan Ibrahimović, Enver Mandžić

The Aladza Mosque in Foca was built in the middle of the seventeenth century and it was destroyed during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Given that it is a monument protected by the state and included in the World Heritage by UNESCO, it is necessary to carry out its rehabilitation. It is essential to construct the religion building of the same m...

By Neđo Đurić, Dijana Đurić

Research on potentially toxic elements chromium and nickel and laboratory testing of their concentrations was carried out in the wider area of Maglaj, with the aim to detect and determine their quantities, which gave basis for discussion about origins of these pollutants in soil. Field and laboratory observations included 45 soil samples, taken by ...

By Elvir Babajić, Alisa Babajić, Željka Stjepić Srkalović, Dado Srkalović, Samir Ustalić, Husnija Akmadžić

Qualitative characteristics of bauxite deposit „Oštrelj“ are defined through extensive laboratory testing of chemical and mineralogical-petrographic composition, and geomechanical characteristics. Chemical composition has shown that it is a relative poor bauxite with low Al/Si module (2,28). Low values of Al/Si module are result of lower Al2O3 conc...

By Elvir Babajić, Zehra Salkić, Alisa Babajić, Milan Stević, Miodrag Jovović

Field research for the purpose of the construction of the Thermal Power Plant Ugljevik 3 wasconducted in two phases. In the first phase for the smaller scope of the fieldworks, more laboratory analyses were performed. In the second phase, fieldworks were conducted in a larger scaleand laboratory analyses were considerably smaller.Designers dictated...

By Neđo Đurić, Perica Đuran, Jovo Miljanović