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18.05.2021. Original scientific article Chemical Tehnology

This study presents results of chemical leaching of contaminated soil from several metallurgically loaded locality of Richnava in Slovakia, applying two chelants – Na2EDTA and Na3EDDS of different molar concentration, done at different leaching conditions. The lower molar concentration (2 mM) of chelants showed comparable effect on Mn, Ni, As...

By Zuzana Danková, Iveta Štyriaková, Ľubica Kovaničová, Katarína Čechovská, Marián Košuth, Jaroslav Šuba, Jarmila Nováková, Patrik Konečný, Ľubomír Tuček, Katarína Žecová, Eva Lenhardtová, Zoltán Németh

Construction of the silica material factory named "R-S Silicon", with an annual production capacity of 15,210 ton of Si-metal, was planned in the village of Bjelajce, municipality of Mrkonjić Grad. The factory for production of Si-metal shall have direct and indirect environmental impacts, especially on waters, by washing off working areas, leachat...

By Dušica Pešević, Nebojša Knežević

Regional Landfill Brijesnica is located in the northeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the western part of the municipality of Bijeljina, and began work in 2010, with an approximate area of 4.5 ha. The sanitary cells are built with protective insulating materials - special geomembranes and other materials that guarantee the protection of g...

By Nebojša Knežević, Ljiljana Vukić, Danijela Knežević

One of basic problems faced in practice of landfill waste treatment is a problem relating to landfill leachate. The intensity of their production, thus their quantity, depends on numerous factors: landfill age, waste types, microclimatic parameters and similar. This leachate must not be discharged directly into the environment without its previous ...

By Nebojša Knežević, Siniša Cukut, Saša Dunović