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Topical issues of formation of sustainable urban environment were analyzed. In this work, the modern urban environment was considered in the form of an open dynamic system, where its state is determined by other specific laws based on the mutual influence of the components of the system taking into account external influences. The safe city environ...

By Olga Sotnikova, Elena Zhidko, Ekaterina Prokshits, Iana Zolotukhina

Intensity of electromagnetic pollution is followed by rapid increasing of new telecommunication technologies over the years. In order to prevent enlarged exposed of general population with doses of electromagnetic radiation above allowed for general population, living as well as working environment around antenna systems should be tested. Using sop...

By Zoran Popović, Predrag Ilić, Ranko Mirošljević, Suzana Gotovac-Atlagić

01.06.2018. Original scientific article Environment

Noise pollution may have negative impacts on human health and environmental. The primary aim of this study is was to determine and mapping the noise pollution in the urban part of the city Banja Luka in Bulevar Cara Dušana by evaluating noise levels in the boulevards. The aim of this investigation is also compare measured noise levels in the boulev...

By Predrag Ilić, Dragana Nešković Markić, Ljiljana Stojanović Bjelić

The use of modern global navigation system (GPS-GNSS) is massively being used in the modern research. Therefore, the use of these methods in science can do much to facilitate scientific research work. In this scientific work we analyzed the database obtained by the GPS device and field testing engineers, and the data is used to produce maps of the ...

By Nermin Taletović, Dean Osmanović, Jasmin Isabegović