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When building new roads in BiH, reconstruction or rehabilitation of existing roads, construction or replacement of asphalt layers is a mandatory part of construction works. The lifespan of the entire pavement structure depends on the quality of the final asphalt layers of the pavement structure. One of the most significant characteristics of the as...

By Zahid Bašić, Amir Džananović, Elmedin Tabaković

The efficiency of wastewater treatment is not only measured by the quality of treated wastewater, but also by the efficiency of treatment and permanent disposal of sludge that is separated. In addition to harmless, the sludge also contains hazardous substances that are released from wastewater during treatment. This work aims to obtain a neutral an...

By Zoranka Malešević, Milica Đeković-Šević, Mirjana Jovović

01.12.2017. Preliminary report Construction

Earth construction has long tradition in our civilization with wide distribution in various ways and techniques of application. When combined with other natural materials it is the material for construction of comfortable space for people. Increased need for energy efficient houses actualizes this type of construction in modern conditions as a holi...

By Ivan Hegediš, Golub Karaman, Arpad Čeh, Neđo Đurić, Danijel Kukaras, Danilo Vunjak

Established in the first half of the 18th century, the district of Krš in Trebinje was the first settlement to grow up outside the town walls. It grew up spontaneously in response to the local natural environment and under a mixture of Mediterranean and Oriental influences. Since the second half of the 20th century, the district has faced dilapidat...

By Siniša Cvijić, Jasna Guzijan

01.12.2016. Preliminary report Construction

Building with earth is widespread and still mostly based on traditional experiences. Increasing demands in energy consumption reduction during the construction and exploitation of buildings put more and more in the focus the good features of houses built with earth.Testing of earth mixtures with other natural materials showed that it can get even a...

By Ivan Hegediš, Neđo Đurić, Arpad Čeh, Golub Karaman, Danilo Vunjak, Edita Tenji

01.06.2014. Original scientific article Mining

Cemented boreholes annulus its stability achieved tightness must be maintained in the continuation phase of drilling, is that in the process of drilling, cementing, production. Preserving stability in the working life of the wells threatened and technological stage of the production process due to the natural development of conditioned stress-laden...

By Zvonimir Bošković, Vladimir Čebašek

Wells conditions are different in wide range of temperature and depth. Cement slurries in such conditions have to remain pumpable and after setting to stay homogenous in production well life. For cementing operations in wide range of temperature and pressure and to accommodate cement slurries for individual well requirements more than 50 additives ...

By Zvonimir Bošković, Vladimir Čebašek, Nebojša Gojković