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Researched section of the railway route presents a part of the route from Sarajevo to Doboj, built with two tracks. First track was built in 1947, and the second in 1978. In construction methods are present differences, considering the time when it was constructed and the way of construction. Both tracks were used for years for movement of trains o...

By Neđo Đurić, Svetlana Stevović, Dijana Đurić, Milan Perišić

01.06.2017. Review paper Architecture and contruction

Research presented in this paper considers the problem of the Synagogue restoration in Subotica, built in 1902, which has been deprived of its basic function, left without financial means for maintenance due to the changes in the social, economic system and great changes in the population structure during the First and Second World War. Lack of fin...

By Viktorija Aladžić

The railway Šamac - Sarajevo was built in the fifties of the twentieth century, as a significant part of the railway that connects the central part of the former Yugoslavia with the Sava River. Later, in the seventies another track of Doboj and Zenica was built what was the most important by that time. In general the railway is situated on the corr...

By Neđo Đurić, Alisa Babajić, Dijana Đurić, Dado Srkalović, Milan Perišić