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The aim of this study is to identify and map the zones of different vulnerability to flash floods based on the geospatial analysis of natural conditions in the Porečka River basin (Republic of Serbia). The analysis covers the catchment area of the Porečka River (493.82 km2 ). Geospatial analysis was conducted using GIS software (QGIS 3.18). The Fla...

By Ana Lukić

Risk management throughout the project life cycle, from the initial phase beginning to the final phase, ended continuously and dynamically, is one of the basic requirements for the success of any project oriented organization. To effectively identify and manage risks at all stages of the project, careful selection must be made at all levels of the ...

By Asl Maryam Tabatabay, Asl Saeedeh Tabababay

Dams and tailing storage facilities are specific mining facilities that carry many potential hazards, and therefore risks. In this paper, for tailing mud damMedjedja andtailing storage facilityof the Omarska Mine near Prijedor, on the basis of the current state of the dam, past events, visual observations and specialist measurements, we have analys...

By Lazar Stojanovic, Ljubica Figun, Jelena Trivan