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In order to find the optimal solution for the drainage of rainwater from roads in urban areas, as well as for the evaluation and ranking of conceptual solutions, appropriate mathematical models and software packages were used in this research. For relevant rain episodes, i.e. rainfall of appropriate duration and intensity, runoff coefficients and f...

By Anadel Galamić, Zahid Bašić, Nedim Suljić

The main objective of this paper is to study the outdoor thermal comfort of the central urban zone of Belgrade during summer season in order to examine how different bioclimatic conditions affect human body. For this purposes Humidex, a simple heat index was applied. The research involved analyzing different Humidex values, the so-called “sub-indic...

By Milica Lukić

01.12.2018. Original scientific article Environment

First two paramount problems of the world are food security and energy. Permaculture is a new interdisciplinary branch of the science, which has positive synergistic effects and solves both problems, including environmental care. The paper analyzed the holistic principles of permaculture design and possible application in the flats, gardens in the ...

By Svetlana Stevovic, Jovana Jovanovic, Dijana Djuric

01.12.2017. Original scientific article Environment

Urban areas are formed aiming to satisfy multiple expectations of their citizens. Among the most significant expectations are resources availability, related to existential needs, efficiency in communication and satisfaction of other contemporary civilization and cultural needs. However, pursuance to create conditions for those needs satisfaction n...

By Svetlana Stevović, Slađana Mirjanić, Neđo Đurić

Novi Sad and its surroundings are rich with the most diverse natural values that are good for the development of health tourism and recreation activities on their territory. Being in nature, next to water surfaces, forests and all green favorably affects on psycho – physical condition and improves life quality in urban environments. Aim of this wor...

By R. Milovan Pecelj, Milica Lukić, Milica Pecelj, Danijela Srnić, Dijana Đurić

A steady increase in the number of dogs is a serious sanitary-epidemiological problem of urban areas. Those animals permanent contaminated those areas with faeces which present a significant health problem from human. Most frequent parasites are eggs of zoonotic helminthes Toxocara canis, Dipylidium caninum, Ancylostomidae spp., Taenia spp., Toxasc...

By Ivan Pavlović, Dubravka Jovičić, Ana Vitas, Nada Petrović, Živka Ilić