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The aim of this study is to identify and map the zones of different vulnerability to flash floods based on the geospatial analysis of natural conditions in the Porečka River basin (Republic of Serbia). The analysis covers the catchment area of the Porečka River (493.82 km2 ). Geospatial analysis was conducted using GIS software (QGIS 3.18). The Fla...

By Ana Lukić

This research represents the results of field work conducted in the period from March 29 to May 29. 2020, to determine and record the location of illegal waste disposal sites in the municipalities of Istočno Novo Sarajevo and Istočna Ilidža. The location of illegal waste disposal sites was analyzed based on two groups of factors: space exposure and...

By Mitar Krsmanović, Sanda Šušnjar, Jelena Golijanin, Aleksandar Valjarević

The paper assesses the vulnerability of 27 groundwater bodies in the basin of the river Bosna, ie Spreča, then the river basin of the Drina river (Drinjača), as well as parts of the immediate Sava river basin (Čelić area - Gnjica river and Turija basin) by the GLA method. For each water body, the determination of the effective soil capacity, degree...

By Dado Srkalović, Željka Stjepić Srkalović

01.06.2017. Review paper Geology

Analysis has studied northern part of Jahorina, Ravna Mountain, whose karst plateau presents water aggregation surface for Paljanska Miljacka and Bistrica flows, which are used as water supply for Sarajevo and Pale. This paper presented hydrogeological and hydrological characteristics of the area and applied analyzes of other physical-geographic ch...

By Jelena Golijanin, Golub Ćulafić, Slađana Petronić, Ognjen Matović

The vulnerability results of groundwaterbodies of southeastern Bosnia are shown in this paper. On the examined area 27 groundwater bodies were extracted, where 12 groundwaterbodies are in rocks with intergranular porosity and 15 groundwaterbodies are in rocks with karst-fissure porosity. All of the groundwater bodies were analysed through DRASTIC, ...

By Dado Srkalović, Željka Stjepić Srkalović