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This research represents the results of field work conducted in the period from March 29 to May 29. 2020, to determine and record the location of illegal waste disposal sites in the municipalities of Istočno Novo Sarajevo and Istočna Ilidža. The location of illegal waste disposal sites was analyzed based on two groups of factors: space exposure and...

By Mitar Krsmanović, Sanda Šušnjar, Jelena Golijanin, Aleksandar Valjarević

The management of air quality at landfills has, among other things, the objective of controlling of waste management efficiency at the landfill. Modern landfills, although built in accordance with domestic and European regulations, affect the quality of the air in the areawherethey are located. The challenges faced by sanitary landfills are the saf...

By Danijela Knežević, Nebojša Knežević

In this article are presented the procedures and the results of open pit optimal contour "Delici" choice near Ugljevik, Republic of Srpska. By using of LG 3D algorithm for optimization in the Whittle FourXTM is determined a series of open pit shales based on the various income factors (Revenue factor) with iteration of 0.03 of change in coal prices...

By B. Lazar Stojanovic, J. Petar Tomic, Z. Mladen Stevic