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The efficiency of wastewater treatment is not only measured by the quality of treated wastewater, but also by the efficiency of treatment and permanent disposal of sludge that is separated. In addition to harmless, the sludge also contains hazardous substances that are released from wastewater during treatment. This work aims to obtain a neutral an...

By Zoranka Malešević, Milica Đeković-Šević, Mirjana Jovović

The purpose of the wastewater treatment plant project is to implement and achieve the goals set in the water management bases of the Republika Srpska and the Federation of BiH, which identified the necessary sectoral investments and the development of the institutional capacity needed to meet the requirements of the European directives. By implemen...

By Nebojša Knežević, Dušica Pešević, Igor Milunović

Wastewater treatment plant is an integral part of the sewerage systemof the town of Bijeljina and it is located at the distance of 10 kilometers.Given the factthat it comprises several objects of different significance, it was necessary to select a suitable location to set up all facilities required. The site is located immediately next to the MPC ...

By Neđo Đurić