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This paper presents an analysis of water flow and flow velocity in an open channel of rectangular cross section as a function of channel roughness, ie Manning roughness coefficient. Three different cases of finishing the open channel of rectangular cross-section were analyzed, namely the concrete channel, the channel with smoothed cement mortar and...

By Nedim Suljić

Bosnia and Herzegovina is characterized by heterogeneous geological structure, and a high degree of tectonic and the seismic activity as well as various relief and the climatic characteristics and water flows of different gradients. All this reflected on engineering-geological characteristics of the terrain.The main causes of landslides' activation...

By Mevlida Operta, Jelena Golijanin, Amra Ćatović

The landslide is located in the hinterland of water source "Studenac" in the local community Gornja Cadjavica near Bijeljina. The field where the triggered landslide occurred is conditionally stable slope. It is overgrown with forest trees and therefore it was not a subject of interest in terms of its stability until the water source and accompanyi...

By Neđo Đurić, Milan Perisić, Dijana Đurić