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Air quality measurement was conducted in the vicinity of the industrial plot that belongs to RS Silicon LLC Mrkonjić Grad where a plant for the production of the silicon metal is constructed, during the period January – December 2015; this air quality measurement comprised the immissions concentrations of CO, SO2, NO2 and total suspended particles ...

By Dušica Pešević, Nebojša Knežević

The paper presents the impact of the construction site of a part of the Banja Luka – Doboj motorway, section 1: Banja Luka – Prnjavor, in the settlement of Miloševac, on the quality of water in the rivers Vrbas and Crkvena. Before the construction of a new bridge, the zero state was determined in the direct vicinity and at locations downstream from...

By Dušica Pešević, Nebojša Knežević